Vins de Sav​oie

This digital space aims to accompany you to discover a vineyard with marked contrasts, a singular history, rich and varied soils as well as the people who have written the destiny of Savoy wines for over 2000 years.

Brochure notoriety (french)

The Savoyard wine organizations

The Regional Syndicate of Savoy Wines, organization of defense and management of the PDO 
The Syndicat du négoce, marketing and distribution
The Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Savoie, market and promotion 
The Federation of Savoy Wines - Bugey - Dauphiné
The Independent Winegrowers

Interprofessional associations


Interprofessional associations are organizations that bring together a wide range of interest groups related to a given product or sector (such as viticulture) in a given country, whether the product is destined for export, the domestic market, or both. These associations draw their membership from individual farmers or their associations, traders, processors, and distributors. 

Most interprofessional associations in Europe were created to promote certain agricultural products, solve problems between farmers and agricultural enterprises, plan production, and regulate marketing (including setting minimum prices). A few years later, they established new objectives, such as promoting consumption, fostering market transparency. In recent years, other issues have arisen, such as food safety, traceability and environmental protection.

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The interprofession of Savoy wines


The Regional Union of Savoy Wines (S.R.V.S.)

Organization of Defense and Management of the PDO. It manages, in a precise way, the studies and the technical aspects of the viticulture. As the "production" branch, it ensures internal control (vineyards, cellars, etc.) and ensures the quality of the wines. Its mission also extends to the administrative support between the state and the profession.


The Syndicat Du Négoce

Composed of all the Savoyard traders, it represents the marketing and distribution branch.


The Interprofessional Committee for Savoy Wines (C.I.V.S.)

Whose regalian missions are the monitoring of the Savoy wine market and its possible regulation by collective decision tools in the respect of French and European laws. The management and development of communication, marketing, press relations and events for all the members of the Savoie PDO vineyard.

Identity card of the wine of Savoy

2050 hectares of vines in production.

3 PDO :  Savoie /  Roussette de Savoie /  Seyssel

20 Geographical Denominations + the Crémant de Savoie

Microclimates influenced by the Alpine location of the vineyard.

22 grape varieties, some of which are unique in the world.

A sector composed of 375 members: 

179 winegrowers in private cellars
101 cooperators in the 2 cellars
87 suppliers to the trading companies
8 maison de négoce
1st largest plant sector in Savoie Mont Blanc
2nd largest agricultural sector in Savoie Mont Blanc after the dairy sector

ALCOTRA Interreg Program 2014-2020 Project VI.A Tour 2022- March 2023

Alpine Wine Route VI.A TOURUN EUROPEAN FRANCO-ITALIAN PROGRAMCOTRA, Alpes Latines COopération TRAnsfrontalière, is one of the European cross-border cooperation programs. It covers the Alpine territory between France and Italy.

2014-2020 represents the fifth programming period of ALCOTRA. 

Since 1990, the program has co-financed nearly 600 projects for approximately 550 million euros of European subsidies. General objective: to improve the quality of life of the populations and the sustainable development of the territories and of the economic and social cross-border systems thanks to a cooperation concerning the economy, the environment and the services to the citizens.

2022-March 2023: Project VI.A Tower

The Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Savoie enters as a partner in the project. With the ambition to develop the notoriety of the Alpine Wine Route and its application through communication, training and cooperation with other partners.

Partners :

Ville Métropolitaine de Turin ( Chef de File)
Région Autonome du Val d'Aoste
Institut Agricole Régional
Cœur de Savoie
Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Savoie

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